1.en.9 Let’s get ready for our first city walk: 20th October outing to the historic city

In our last English lessons you did the hard job. You searched your and found out you already knew lots of English words and expressions connected with city life that were there, waiting to be called. You also learnt how to organize the mess and find categories to label the words you knew: facilities, buildings, transport, and so on.

Now I will give you some on line help to prepare our first city walk on the 20th October. These are some of the things we shall learn how to do

  • zoom in and out city life.
  • use compass points to locate landmarks on a map
  •  vocabulary to talk about the things we find when we walk around the town
  • describe buildings, streets and city life
  • give and ask directions
  • find our way using a street plan
  • compare different cities, streets and neighbourhoods
  • identify landmarks and most popular citysights

I hope you’ll find the following on line activities  fun and varied. images (3)

homework-704470-704529You must do all of them and write down in your notebook the new words you learn. Remember to use categories and provide context for new words:

Hints on taking notes of new words:  

It is better to write down.


Prepositions to use with means of transport : on, by

Example: I go to school on foot ; I go to school by bus


1.  Practice pronunciation of some basic city words


2.  Listening:  town directions


3.  Find your way in an American town and check the prepositions of place.


4.  Read this text about Springfield, Bart’s hometown and do the fill in the gaps exercise


5.  From an American city, to a typical English High Street. There are six different exercises in this address (reading, writing, and listening)  with plenty of vocabulary.


6.  Listen to a person giving directions in Barcelona and do the exercises.


HOMEWORK: Monday 10th of October.  After doing the activities, we need your feed back.  Post your comments to these questions before Monday 6th. The sooner the better. 

  1. Did you learn new words? post 5 new words you learnt
  2. Is it helpful to have audio to learn pronunciation?post  5 new words you learnt how to pronounce
  3. Did you find them difficult or easy? There are 6 tasks. write next to each number how difficult it was. (easy; ok; so so; difficult; very difficult)
  4. Which ones did you prefer?
  5. How long did it take you to do all of them?
  6. Would you like to have more on-line activities grouped by topic on the blog?
Thank you for your feedback!