1.en.12 Beautiful fall music to make you reflect on accuracy: correct mistakes

I have read your first 11 sentences about Liz and I am a bit disappointed. You certainly learnt a lot about her, but your writing is full of errors that MUST BE CORRECTED.


don’t you remember?

Well, so far it doem not seem to be working. Every one makes new mistakes and nobody seems to bother to correct the others.  I have copied the first 11 sentences you posted to the blog. I have highlighted in yellow all the sentences that have to be corrected: capital letters, wrong verbs, agreement problems, spelling mistakes, wrong tenses, wrong pronouns,  words missing… You have even transformed Liz into a man! 

I have not written the names of the people who made the mistakes. Let’s see if 64 eyes see more than 2. If I do not get the corrections before Monday, I will have to order 32 pair of glasses.

Listen to Vivaldi autumn  music to get inspiration to correct mistakes. The Music is from Vivaldi but the images are from New England, Liz’s homeland.

Write the number and post your correction to the blog.


1.en.11 Summer is over and fall foliage has come to our class all the way from New England.

Today, Liz, our language assistant, came to our class. She will be with us every Thursday until the end of May. She will also be with Núria, your Art teacher. So Thursdays, from now on, will have American accent!  With her help ( and the Internet too)  we’ll be travelling to America almost every week. Great, isn’t it?You asked her many questions and you learnt a lot about her: her family, her hobbies, her favourite colour and her hometown.

You  even discovered that there are some similarities between Pawcatuck and Springfield, didn’t you?


64 ears hear more than 2, don’t they? Let’s see if it is true. 

HOMEWORK: Monday 9th October. 

Post to the blog something you learnt about Liz. Just one thing. Check the information your classmates posted before you. YOU CANNOT REPEAT THE SAME INFORMATION , but you can correct the information posted by a classmate if you think it is not correct.  In Your notebook, answer the 8 questions below. You must also find out information about the State and/or the city Liz gave  you this morning. You must be able to use the compass points and situate it in the US.

  1. Whose house is the one in the pic?
  2. When was the pic in Google map taken? How did we manage to guess the time the pic was taken?
  3.  What is hidden behind the tree in front of the house?
  4. Are the trees the same colour now?
  5. Why is New England fall foliage famous?
  6. Think of three adjectives to describe New England fall foliage:  
  7. Have you ever tried to see your house using Google maps?
  8. What can you see from your room?

I am sure all of you know how to look in the Internet  for the weather forecast. Well, if  you  are in the US and want to find out where to find  the most beautiful fall foliage colour, the Internet can help you too.

Look at this interactive map of the USA. What can you use it for? Have we got something similar here? Next week we must ask Liz about it.

This interactive map of the US might help you. You only need to move the cursor and the name of the states and major cities appear.

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