2.en 33 Disappointing results. The way we study: fables

Yesterday the 14th of December you had 20 minutes to write a fable and show if you had studied them.  The results are extremely disappointing.When I asked you in class, only 3 people said they had studied. Toni Salom had not done the agenda correctly and had not  uploaded the English homework. The rest of the class did not bother to ask or to remind him. We spend the last 5 mintes of every lesson revising what we did and checking the homework assignments. Two people did not even write the name on the exam.  Here follow the facts.

  • You could choose any of the 6 fables that were in the power point. 
  • The power point 1.en.31 had been uploaded to the blog 3 weeks ago, on the 22nd of November.https://1esoe1112.wordpress.com/2011/11/22/1-en-31-fables/
  • You could choose the fable we had revised together on Monday: “the ox and the frog”.
  •  You were allowed to check your notebook, so those of you who had done the homework could look at the spelling of difficult vocabulary. 
  • We spent 3 lessons rehearsing, learning by heart and representing “the sun and the wind”
  • You could use the language of “the sun and the wind” to write another fable, for instance, “The tortoise and the hare”
  • You had to answer the questions about the power point in the blog and in the notebook.  The slides you had to study were numbered
  • You had examples of how to study the most important words.
  • We spent two lessons revising the power point together, matching morals and fables
  • On Monday, we spent the whole class reading the fable of “the frog and the ox”. I asked you to revise the rest of the power point for Wednesday. 
  • We have been using past tenses to do summaries the whole term. “said” “woke” “ran” and so on. 
  • You have read Aesop Fables with Bernat, in your Catalan lessons, so you are familiar with terms such as “moral” and with other fables that were not in the power point but follow the same structure. 
  • On Monday we revised animal names and personality adjectives: honest, proud, shy, arrogant, gentle.
I will give you the exam you did and ask your parents to sign it. It is your responsibility to explain to them why you did it so badly. There are no excuses. 
Here follow the fables, The only thing I did was to cut and paste the content of the power point. This is what you had to study. You had three weeks to do it.





1.en.33 Exam (2) : How much did we learn in class, from the blog and in outings?

 Use your brain and make it work

This exam aims at making you reflect on how much you have learnt during class activities, outings and from  posts. It also includes a question on question words from a previous exam you had lots of problems with.

So far, we  did three exams on films (two with me and one with Núria about the Nightmare before Christmas) , made a film poster and did a lot of oral practice on the topic. So, in this exam, you only had to show that you understood what films and books had in common. This way, we can start a new set of posts, this time about books, authors, and literary genres. 

Also, it is important that you realise that outigs are lessons. It is great that you have fun, but you also have to make some effort and process the information you receive when we go out of the school. This is the reason for including questions about the concert and the outing to the cathedral.

Finally, what you learn in other lessons  is not a watertight compartment, this is the reason for asking you about the Prince of Mist and the object with sentimental value. Both activities are connected with Emili and Bernat’s lessons.

Now, you are at home, sitting comfortably in you house. You can open your notebook and answer these questions. Use all the tools you need: The internet, on line dictionaries, the blog, the Google group mail. Next exam, I will let you use your notes, promised!  I’t an fair deal, isn’t it? So, let’s see what comes out of it. Maybe your note taking technique will improve dramatically.

1What do books and films have in common? give examples using The Prince of Mist and a film of your choice (2 marks)

2 What are the steps to make Moroccan Mint tea? (recipe, ingredients, utensils) (2 marks)

3 What is the Maghreb? Can you name one of the instruments you listened to in the concert? What do you know about the languages spoken there? (2 marks)

4 What did you learn about the Cathedral? (type of architecture, location) What is the rose window like? (shape, colours, size, interesting facts) What is the name of the entrance that faces the sea? (2 marks)

5 ask questions for the underlined words. (1 mark)

Bart is (1) ten years old. (2)He always gets in trouble at school and with his neighbours. He is also unkind to his sisters. His sister,(3) Lisa, plays the saxo. She is very intelligent. Maggie is their baby sister. She doesn’t speak.

Homer and Marge Simpson are their parents. (4)Homer works at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. At home, he sits on the sofa and watches TV. Marge works at home. She cleans and cooks dinner for her family. The children help her. (5)Homer is not a modern man, he doesn’t help at home.

6 What is the object with sentimental value you chose for Bernat’s task?  (1 mark)

  • What is it?
  • Why is it valuable?
  • How old is it?
  • Who gave it to you?
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1.en.14 Some help to do better in the next exam

I have to say that I am not very happy with your exam results. Let’s see if we find out why you did so badly.

Possible answers:

  1. I have to study more
  2. I need to take better notes
  3. I do not pay attention during lessons
  4. My notebook is not a good tool to study
  5. I have to improve the way I take notes in class
  6.  I did not understand the questions
  7. I do not know how to use the  blog to study
  8. Can you think of  any other reasons?
Now, let’s have a look at the questions. 

Days of the week and ordinal numbers: 

Use this power point to revise

Question words. Do these  exercises on line exercises

Check the blog to see the mistakes you made when you wrote about Liz

HOMEWORK: Monday 17th. Correct the exam, and copy the right answers in your notebook.