1.en.27 Despite pouring rain…

Despite pouring rain, we managed to get to Es Baluard safe and dry. The visit to Santa Catalina neighbourhood will have to be postponed. If we take a positive approach to unexpected circumstances, it will be great, we’ll have another day to enjoy a walk in the city.

From what you have written in your dossiers (I will give them back to you on Monday), everyone seems to have liked the visit to the museum. I am also very proud of you. You behaved very well and showed a great interest in  Irene’s explanations. She told me that you were a great group and that she was impressed at how much English you understood. Congratulations! If your work  (dossier tasks) is as good as your behaviour, we’ll organise more interesting outings.

Visiting a museum on line can not substitute a first hand experience. Virtual reality is not  the same as real life. However, the web site of Es Baluard is a good option to revisit  it  (visit it again in a virtual way) and get information about what we saw (artists names, description of artwork and so on. You can also visit it to find out coming events. Here you have the link.  I’m sure you all understand what “current” means, don’t you? Who is going to be the first one to post the meaning of “current” to the blog?..

Well, as I have your dossiers, you will not be able to look at your notes until Monday. So, if you want to start preparing your oral expositions for Catalan and Spanish, you can try to reflect on the contents of the exhibition we saw this morning. Use the web site and this document I have embeded in the blog.

There are four pics of the group. In each of them you are listening to Irene’s explanations on the meaning of the objects exhibited. When Emili or Bernat ask you what you saw, I hope you’ll have plenty of things to say.  Enjoy the weekend.

By the way, our school orchard will not need any irrigation after this weekend of rain. The roof orchard of Es Baluard was a surprise, wasn’t it? who takes care of it? do you remember?


1.en.26 Dossier for Es Baluard and Santa Catalina outing 4th November 2011

Check the situation of the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina. In this map you can see the faint white line that circles the old historic city (inside the city walls). The historic city has grown and different neighbourhoods have developed surrounding the old city.