3.en.14 How GREEN are you?

How important is the environment for you? Is there anything we can do to protect it? What changes can we make in our daily routines in order to take care of it?

Explore the following website where you’ll find plenty of information:



Explore it and choose one of the following items in the Green Living section:

1) At home: Lighting / Water in the home

2) energy: Insulation / Heating

3) Transport: Car use / Walking and car-free living

4) Waste & recycling: Waste reduction

Be ready to share what you have learned with your classmates!!!



2.en.9 Conditional sentences: connectors


Sentence connectors are words and phrases that link ides in sentences.

Let’s have a look at connectors we can use in conditional sentences:

Click on the link below for a presentation of the basic connectors for conditional sentences: if / unless / when


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2.en.8 The People Watchers

We have learnt a lot about an interesting BBC programme called The People Watchers. Now, you are going to see the beginning of the first episode and answer some questions.

But let’s start by watching the video

Task: Take notes of what goes on in the clip and then answer the following questions:

1) Who are the members of the People Watchers team?

2) What is the purpose of the programme?

In the video you will see three of the experiments they carried out. Identify:

a) What they want to discover or prove

b) The experiment(s) they conduct: place, dynamics, …

c) The results of the experiment(s)

d) The conclusion or explanation

Think about yourself or people who are closed to you, would you have reacted the same way?

1.en.7 Africa is not a country

Africa conjures lots of different images in our minds, but what is the image of Africa you have in your mind? Does it correspond to the real Africa?

Lola Huete a reporter from El Pais will try to shed some light about what Africa is really like and challenge some of our preconceptions or stereotypes.  Let’s begin with something simple: How many different countries are there in Africa?

Getting the right answer could help you enjoy the most exciting experience of your life, just as it might do for Lilly Taylor; watch the video:

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1.en.6 ADVERTS

We live surrounded by it. It’s everywhere, in our streets, in our homes. It’s so common and pervasive that we just take for granted. Some love it, others hate it and there are some people who couldn’t do without because it leads their lives. It’s ADVERTISING!



In this section we are going to learn to analyze tv commercials by identifying the following features:






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1.en.5 The Importance of Weather: Writing for a newspaper

Click on the image to try an online exercise about the weather:


Now that you have revised some weather vocabulary and have commented on Monday’s talk it’s time you wrote something.

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1.en.4 Robots shape the world

1) Humanoid robots could someday replace

workers in stores, airports

Click on the picture below to read and interesting article from CBS NEWS about a new generation robot called Reginald.


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