3.en.11 Giant leaps in history

These days we have been talking about giant leaps in history and we defined them as moments that change the way societies work. All of you were familiar with the turning points that mark the division between big eras in history.


However, we agreed that these were chosen from a very European perspective. Eli shared with us five milestones he considered key in the development of US history:
1. The Declaration of Independence
2. The Civil War, confronting northern and southerns over slavery and economy
3. The Second World War
4. The Cold War, a conflict between capitalist and communist countries, in particular, the US and the USSR
5. The 9/11 attacks and their aftermath

Eli admitted his choices were quite political and that he could have mentioned scientific discoveries and cultural hits, as well. It was then your choice to find 5 highlights in Spanish or Majorcan history.

Finally, we have considered history from the point of view of women. Below, you can check the texts we used in class. Could you think of any other moments?

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