1.en.5 The Importance of Weather: Writing for a newspaper

Click on the image to try an online exercise about the weather:


Now that you have revised some weather vocabulary and have commented on Monday’s talk it’s time you wrote something.

You will use all the notes you have to write a short newspaper article: an interview


Eloi Cordomí

Imagine you are a reporter and the newspaper you work for sent you to the talk in order to interview Mr. Eloi Cordomí. Think of ten to fifteen different questions you could have asked him and use your notes to write a transcription of the interview to publish in the newspaper.

Don’t forget to include an introduction and a conclusion!!! And some images to illustrate your article.

Click on the links below. They belong to a blog from previous years and will help you understand what a newspaper article is like:

1. Writing a newspaper article from Saps què te dic

2. How to write a newspaper article

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