3.en.7 Poetry and pronunciation: Shel Silverstein and Andrew Bird

Spanish people usually pronounce the word comfortable wrongly

This is a very funny poem by Shel Silverstein, an American writer, called twistable turnable man. After reading it and singing it, I’m sure you’ll always pronounce COMFORTABLE correctly.

The you tube video will help you understand the poem. It is like  tongue twister. You know what a tongue twister is, don’t you?

Let’s see if we can read it together. The words ending in “able” are highlighted in green

Here follows a version by Andrew Bird, a good musician who, on top of playing lots of musical instruments, is also a great whistler. Can you whistle? We’ll make a contest some other day.

You might want to visit Shel site. It is full of surprises! Look for some of his short animation videos.

Captura de pantalla 2014-03-18 a la(s) 12.24.48 AM


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