1.en.8 What makes a show a good one? Moussakis’ feedback

Today two 2nd year ESO groups from our school, 2ESO B and 2ESO E, went to see the Moussakis. Students seemed to enjoy the music and the show. The three teachers who went with them; Ricardo, Marta and María want to congratulate students  for their behaviour. It certainly makes us want to organise more outings. Now, we need to  get some feedback from you. With music it is much easier to learn how to count, isn’t it? In a few minutes we could count up to ten in Serbio-Croatian.

  • Did you like the music?
  • Which musician did you like best?.
  • What did you think of the singer?

Now, lets reflect on the show.

  • What made  the Moussakis performance different from a traditional concert?
  • What about the stage  design? was it  very complicated? What did it consist of? which elements were used to make transitions from one scene to another?
  • What about props? Can you mention any? What were they used for?
  • How would you describe costumes?
  • What about choreography?
  • Lightening?
  • Scenography?

Key words: props; costume; lightening;choreography;stage design; sound; performan


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