1.en.6 D&E H WH questions on a Halloween mood

Last English sessions, practised “WH” question words, didn’t  we?

Where? When? Why? What? Who? Which? help us a lot to retell a story, even if it is a complicated one such as the Trojan war.

Now that Halloween is on the horizon, “wh question words” come in handy to  guide us through a spooky night.

Remember that which is not the same as witch and in Halloween  we need to know  …….which witch we are talking with

spelling can be tricky in English. You do not need it to play treat or trick, but you must be able to tell the difference if you do not want to end up in  a witch’s cauldron.

Which witch are we talking about ? Halloween is a good time to practise question words followed by witches.

Under Homer spell, let’s keep up our poetry work.

In this poem, you have to match the questions to the answers and you’ll end up with a nice Halloween poem.

Now go to this page and listen to another Halloween poem: “A skeleton parade” 

Homework: Wednesday 30th Copy the one you like best in your notebook and learn it by heart

Now, don’t run away! 

 It is time for more English Halloween homework for the long, long weekend.  

I found  this Power Point about Halloween in Slide Sahare. . There are 14 slides. Have a look at them.    In the last slide,13, there is a link to a very good page with on-line activities on Halloween. If you find any you really like, post a comment to the blog for your classmates to know.

I know that some of you are a bit lazy, so I include the link to the on-line activities here, in case you feel too tired to get to the last slide, slide 13, or … in case you are superstitious and  you do not want to use any links that appear on page 13.


These activities were done by an English Primary teacher from Tarragona, Isabel Hidalgo.  Oh my God 2 wants to thank her for her good job!

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4 Respostes to “1.en.6 D&E H WH questions on a Halloween mood”

  1. juliariudez1999 Says:

    The activity that I most like from the slide 13, it’s the activity bout the poem that say the pumpkins. It’s very funny! 😉

  2. joanacb Says:

    The slide taht I most like is the slide number four because i do jack o’ lanterns every years and now I now why the celts do it.

  3. marpina Says:

    For me, the funniest activity is the Horror House because it’s funny. I learned some new vocabulary: scarecrow, cauldron, broom, stockings and padlock.

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