1.en.1 D&E some training before setting off on our journey

Hi everyone  and welcome back to school routine!

To set off= to embark on a journey

After a long, long summer, here we are again, ready to start. Some of you ( half of the group) are already used to working with this blog, but for the other  half  the blog is new, so we need a bit of time before we can set off on our journey together.

While we grasp blog and class routines, we’ll try to get to know our new classmates and teachers. Also, before setting sail we’ll spend a few days dealing with the Olympics.  We cannot let such an important sports event pass by without bringing it to our class, can we?

ath·lete   /ˈæθlit/

In the Interactive video Olympic bodies published by the Guardian, 32 British Olympic athletes talk about their bodies and their training.


  • Every student  will be assigned one athlete.
  • Read carefully his/her  testimony and investigate a bit his/her sport and performance in the Olympics. You can activate the text only version of the video.
  • Then, you will exchange information with your classmates.
  • This table will help you prepare for the questions your classmates will ask you.
  •  Print it.
  • It would be a good idea to print the image of your athlete at the back

Interview sheet

1 What is your name?
2 How old are you?
3 What is your sport?
4 What is your weigh?
5 What is your height?
6 How do you feel about your body?
7 Which part/s of your body have been particularly affected by your training?
8 What about your training routine?
9 What about your diet?
10 What were your results in the Olympics?


Information sheet. (copy here all the data you need about your athlete)


Deadline: Tuesday 2nd October there will be a class activity to exchange information with classmates. You must learn information about your athlete. You must also learn to ask the questions. 


2 Respostes to “1.en.1 D&E some training before setting off on our journey”

  1. 3.en.52 Ready for some training? « saps què te dic 3 Says:

    […] The activity can be found in the “Oh My God” blog that María is using with the 1st ESO students this year. You only have to follow this link: https://1esoe1112.wordpress.com/2012/09/17/1-en-1-de-some-training-before-setting-off-on-our-journey/ […]

  2. miquelsegui Says:

    Maria , I don’t find the height and the weigth, I searched them but I don’t find . 😦

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