3.en.50 Olivar outing

Congratulations for your good behaviour and enthusiam during the outing. Both, Bernat and myself are very proud of you. We hope we’ll be able to do similar activities next year.  The ecological market was quite empty but the stall owners were very friendly and gave us lots of information. One of them gave us a poster on seasonal products that can be very helpful to know which vegetables and fruits are FRESHER, TASTIER AND MORE NUTRITIOUS. The

Bernat explained everything about melons and pumkins  in Majorca.  By the way, let’s see if you know how to access the page using an application for smart phones. 

All of you had the opportunity to test your English interviewing tourists. Swedish, Norwegian, German and English. Joan Flaquer  was not shy at all and, after interviewing a Polish girl, told her in perfect English that she had beautiful eyes!

You certainly have discovered how hard it is to make ends meet. Food is expensive, isnn’t it? Was your weekly budget sensible?

Look at this pic. You had to do lots of additions to see how much virtual money you had spent.

Well, we’ll talk about results and conclusions in class. In the mean time, Look at this web site and find out more about seasonal products, this time in the UK.

Una resposta to “3.en.50 Olivar outing”

  1. Pere Says:

    I 100% agree. And I think that this year many people included me learned the 2/4 of English of we live.

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