2.en.34 St Catalina neighbourhood outing

This morning, we all discovered a lot of interesting things thanks to Bernat,  our excellent guide. We, the teachers,  are  also very happy because if we compare the way you behaved  today and the way you did in our first walk, you have surely improved a lot. Your questions and notetaking  in the dossier also showed that you have learnt to take notes and to  be more attentive.

 Enjoy the weekend!

The whole group with Bernat under an old pine tree. (only Dani Zurita is  missing)

  • Did you enjoy the outing?
  • Did you learn a lot ? Contribute with one thing you learnt. Post it to the blog.  Try not to repeat the same things . I’m sure that there are more than 30 information  pieces in your brain.