1.en.24 Let’s go to the movies. Bogglesworld(2)

This is the second of a series of posts meant to help you talk,  about  films.

We’ll start by commenting on the film watching habits survey we did in Let’s go to the movies (1). You can also go back and visit Bernat’s post.

1.ca.9 “LUMIÈRE”, EN FRANCÈS, SIGNIFICA “LLUM”.  Learning means building up on what we already know. Maybe the academy award will go to a Majorcan director this year. 

Now we are ready for some movie riddles,  vocabulary games and plenty of fun.

Here you can find . They all come from a great site: http://www.bogglesworldesl.com

Download them and bring them to lessons. Keep them together grouped by topic: films. Have them at hand, we’ll be using them.

(2) Movie Riddles

(3) Movie synopses

(4) Movie Cloze

(5) Movie Posters

  1. Did you find the handouts helpful?
  2. Did you enjoy the activity with the movie posters?
  3. Can you write a synopsis of a film?
  4. Homework: Drawing on the  ideas you got from the Movie Pasters handouts, create your own humorous movie poster. You can use images taken from the Internet, your own drawings, transform an existing poster. We’ll make a power point with your work and run an vote the best ones. 


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