1.en.20 A vegetable garden on the roof terrace. Ramon Llull orchard

This morning, thanks to the chief gardener, Pep Rios, we started our own vegetable orchard. I hope lettuce, tomatoes, beans and herbs will grow quickly.

In Majorca we have plenty of sun, so that’s not going to be a problem. However, we’ll have to get organised to take care of  it.

In English, we are going to carry out different tasks:

  • Learning about the plants and vegetables we have in our roof orchard
  • Keeping record  of their growth
  • Finding out about harvest time
  • Learning the tools  we need to make a roof orchard
  • Contacting other schools in different parts of the world that have similar projects going on
Let’s start by transforming ourselves into green beings…
Look at the class register and discover what your new green personality will be. I have decided to turn into a lentil. I cannot be Mr Bean, this name has already been taken. So, you can call me Ms Lentil, while our green personalities take over.
Check Merriam Webster Picture dictionary. You will learn how to pronounce your new name.
In Merriam Webster dictionary, vegetables are classified according to the part  we eat: stalk, leaf, bulb.
 You can also find legumes: I have chosen one as my green alter ego: lentil
Homework: Wednesday 2nd : Do the on line exercises and learn the vegetable names of your classmates.  

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