1.en.18 The secret life of Street signs

Would you like to make your own street sign?I did one for you

But you can make your own, Just click here and go to Street sign generator.com

Pedestrian Crossing or Zebra Crossing? Both are correct.

Images help us remember words. Do you like these ones?zebra


When we walk in a city, street signs give lots of information and help us find our way.Street Signs on Cones

Sometimes street signs come to life…

Sometimes they fall in love 

and sometimes they fight

Sometimes girls take over traffic lights too

After the fight, red men were tired3774517.

Girls, decided they did not want any more fights in the streets and started their traffic light take over.

Here follows some evidence.

♦Where did girls start their revolt?

♦What are the cities with girls on traffic lights?

♦Are you for or against girls icons in traffic lights?

you’ll have to search the world wide web to solve the enigma.

Traffic%20Light431px-Traffic_light_-_female_aka1file_name_4376walking-woman-stopIn Seoul, they decided to show both sexes.

Sometimes, bicycles also want to have something to say




4 Respostes to “1.en.18 The secret life of Street signs”

  1. luciilopez Says:

    The homework for the Monday?

  2. toniparedes Says:

    I think you only must answer the questions of post 1.en.14 .

  3. Pere Says:

    The questions of the wind mill:
    Post. en. 25.
    1) How old is Willian in the video?
    20 years old.
    2) How many families live in his village?
    60 families.
    3) Why dis he have to drop scholl?
    Pay 80 dollars a year,
    4) How may dollars a year do you have to pay to go to scholl?
    5) When did he build his vin mill? Wich year was that?
    Malawi 2.006.
    6) How long did it take him to build his first wind mill?
    14 years.
    7) How old was him when he build it? How old is he now? 8) Did he build only one mill?
    5 years. Now he has got 5 years. No.
    9) What cid he use the electricity producend by the wind mill for?
    To illuminate his house.
    10) In the book he read about wind mills, were there wrintten instruccions or olny pictures?
    Only pictures..
    11) Why did he go to the USA in 2.007?
    Because he want a wind mill enterprise.
    12) Wich town did he visit?
    New York.
    13) Where is the wind farm he went to?
    In Malawi.
    14) What is his dream?
    Have a enterprise of wind mills and finish her education.
    15) What has changed in William´s house? Tick tehe correct answers. Not there are:
    1) Solar pannels.
    16) What did William do this summer?
    I d´ont know.

  4. dajozume99 Says:

    Pere, is in the other post…

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