1.en.16 Giving and asking directions

Next Thursday, during the walk in the city, you will carry out different tasks in different languages. All the tasks aim at developing your awareness on your city. We would like you to reflect on the place you live, its history and also in the aspects that make a city a good place to live and a sustainable one too. The work you do in any of the languages can be evaluated in any of the 3 subjects. For instance, the information you need to find out in order to answer the Catalan file and the photos you will take for your English tasks will help you when write the description of your city walk in Spanish

ENGLIS TASK 1Giving directions and knowing how to use a map

We have checked Google maps to find out Liz’s hometown. In  the outing to historic Palma,  you will be given a paper  street plan of the city. A detailed street plan  includes information of  monuments, museums, gardens, leisure centers. In order to be able to tell and ask someone how to get to a certain point in the city,   you must learn and study the basic vocabulary and structures used to give directions .

Watch this video and check if you recognise the vocabulary listed below

  • Straight on
  • Left
  • Right
  • Turn left/right at the ….
  • Crossing
  • Roundabout
  • Pass….
  • You will see…….
  • Keep going until you see/ you get to
  • Cross….
  • The…… is situated
Get into groups. Choose two points in the map and practise a similar dialogue. Copy them in your notebooks. 

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