1.en 13 First online exam (13-X-2011)


I) Read this  text and ask the questions for the underlined words. ( 1’50 mark)

The Simpsons

The Simpson Family are TV’s favourite family.

Bart is ten years old. He always gets in trouble at school and with his neighbours. He is also unkind to his sisters. His sister, Lisa, plays the saxophone. She is very intelligent. Maggie is their baby sister. She doesn’t speak.

Homer and Marge Simpson are their parents. Homer works at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. At home, he sits on the sofa and watches TV. He loves doughnuts. Marge works at home. She cleans and cooks dinner for her family. The children help her. Homer is not a modern man, he doesn’t help at home.

  1. How old is Bart?
  2. What instrument does Lisa play? /Which musical instrument does Lisa play ?
  3. Where does Homer work?
  4.  What does Marge do at home? What chores does Marge do in the house?
  5.  What kind of household jobs/chores does Homer do at home? Does Homer help at home?

II) Write the following numbers. Do not use abbreviations (0’50 mark)

  1. Yesterday’s date: Wednesday 12th (twelfth) October
  2. Today’s date: Thursday 13th (thirteenth) October

III) Which word  is pronounced differently than the other 3. Concentrate on the underlined part of the word. Write the odd one in your answer.(o’30 mark)

  1. brother, mum, but, put
  2. change, shy, literature, teacher
  3. jeans, George, change, game

IV) Write a word containing the following sounds and underline the part of the word where the sound appears. You cannot use the words that appear in the previous exercise. (0’20mark)

  1. / dʒ / orange, John, gentleman, intelligent
  2. /tʃ/culture, nature, chore, chair, chop

V) Think about your new language assistant teacher and answer the following questions (1 mark)

1.What is she like? She is nice and friendly. She is young. She is 25 years old. She has got long blond hair and blue eyes.
2.Where is she from? She is from the United States, from Pawcatuck, a small town in Connecticut. 
3.What is her house like? It’ s a beautiful white house. It has got a sunroom on one side, a front yard with yellow flowers and trees.
4.Why is New England fall foliage famous? It is famous for its beautiful colours: brown, yellow, red, orange. 
5.Why did she come to Spain? She came to Spain to study Spanish and because she likes travelling. 

VI) Which American State/city did Liz give you. Write five sentences about it. (use compass points and prepositions of place) (1 mark)

Connecticut  is a state in New England, in the  northeast of the United States. Its borders are:   Rhode Island to the east, Massachusetts to the north, and the state of New York and the Atlantic to the west and the south. Connecticut gets its name from the Connecticut River. Its capital city is Hartford. There are a lot of people in Connecticut.  There are 3.5 million residents and it is the 4th most densely populated state.

VII) What can you see in an art  exhibition? (0’50 marks) Write full sentences. 

In an art exhibition you can see art works. Often, there are paintings hanging on the walls. Sometimes, there are also sculptures. There can be different kinds of paintings: portraits, landscapes, seascapes. There can be different styles: abstract, realistic. 


21 Respostes to “1.en 13 First online exam (13-X-2011)”

  1. júlia t Says:

    IV) 1.-job 2.-feature.

  2. xisco Says:

    1) How old is Bart ?

  3. luciilopez Says:

    V) 2.She is from Pawcatuck, New England, U.S.A.

  4. joanflaquer Says:

    V)1.She is very pretty, she has got long blonde hair and blue eyes.

  5. rociomaria Says:

    V:3: Her house is an american typical house,with trees and some flowers outside

  6. david Says:

    She is got 25 years old

  7. isidre99 Says:

    she came to Spain to learn Spanish and for travel

  8. nereapar13 Says:

    v) 4. It’s famous because is very awesome.

  9. miquelsegui Says:

    II) _2·_ Today’s date: Thursday, 13th of October 2011.

  10. claudiadesile Says:

    1) 5. Does Marge cleans and cook dinner for her family?

  11. vectet Says:

    2.Yestarday: Wednesday, 12th of October 2011

  12. mariafont99 Says:

    V) .4. Because the foliage is the colors: red, brown, yellow and orange.

  13. Joana cb Says:

    1) Where goes Homer to work?

  14. Max Dicks Says:

    1) 2 What instrument does Lisa play?

  15. toniparedes Says:

    Liz came to Spain to learn Spanish and she likes travelling.

  16. adriancachago Says:


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