1.en.7 Phonetics (1)

During English lessons we do a lot of practice trying to pronounce English sounds we are not familiar with. We’ve already learnt to recognize a few phonemes. Let’s see if you remember.

  • Can you match the images with the words? Can you match these sounds to the words where they appear?

 /ʌ/      /ɒ/      /ʊ/       /tʃ/       /ʃ/        /ə/

Try to answer the following questions. The phonemic chart and the images should help you.

Is it the same a godfather than a goodfather?

Do you usually cry when you shop onions or when you chop onions?

Is the godfather a good  film?

Is god  good?

Is Isis is a famous Egyptian God?

In Snow White movie, did the three godmothers play with  their magic wands?

in Sleeping Beauty  movie the three godmothers won the battle against the evil queen. Is it true?

blood /blʌd/

but /bʌt/ unstressed /bət/

money /ˈmʌni/

feature /ˈfitʃər/

teacher /ˈtitʃər/

culture /ˈkʌltʃər/


cheap /ip/

ship /ʃɪp/

chop /ɒp/

shop /ʃɒp/


good /gʊd/

wand /wɒnd/

won /wʌn/

wonder  /ˈwʌndər/

wander /ˈwɒndər/

Literature /ˈlɪtərətʃər/

A dictionary gives you lots of information about words, not only their meaning but also, among other things, their pronunciation.

The pronunciation of a word is essential. In many on line dictionaries you can click on a sound icon and listen to the way the word is pronounced.

This monolingual on line dictionary gives you the chance to listen to how the word is pronounced.


When we cannot listen to the way words sound,  we can look at the phonemic transcription of the word, that represents in writing how the word is pronounced.  There is a way to represent how words are pronounced in different languages and that is using IPA, an acronym for International Phonetic Alphabet.

Each phoneme is given a symbol as the one we learnt in class /tʃ/

There are 26 letters in the English alphabet, but there are around 44 phonemes in Standard English. This means that letters cannot represent phonemes so other symbols are used.

Each phoneme is given a symbol so that the pronunciation of any English word can be represented in writing. Here is the English phonetic alphabet  version of the International Phonetic Alphabet or IPA:

If you click here you will be able to listen to the different sounds of  English phonemic chart.

Homework: Monday 2n October. Copy the sounds  you have already learnt in your notebook. Remember to write them between forward slashes  / /. Write examples of words where the sound appears. 

Let’s see,

which is the underlined sound in the following  words? If you are not sure, go to the on line dictionary and check it.

  1. JEANS
  3. BUT
  4. CHALK



6 Respostes to “1.en.7 Phonetics (1)”

  1. marpina Says:

    Today I learned a new word: wand.

  2. Joana cb Says:

    Today i learn a new word : godmother.

  3. luciilopez Says:

    Today i learn a new word: wand

  4. júlia t Says:

    Today, I learned a new word:chop

  5. joanflaquer Says:

    today, I learned a new word:chalk

  6. mariafont99 Says:

    Today I learnd: magic wands.

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