1.en.5 On line materials: Grammar, readings, listening and pronunciation practice.

Some of you might be a bit worried for not having a text book. However, there are plenty of materials on line that can play the role of traditional textbooks, you only need to follow some guidelines a be a bit organized. In fact, they are support materials for existing books. Here follows a link to Natural English on line. It is an excellent site. We shall do a unit every two weeks and its content will be part of the exam.

Write in your notebook the unit you are working on. Post to the blog your comments on the site.


You can do4of the sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Textbuilder and Phrasebank. I shall explain to you in class how to do it, but this post will help you identify the page and find the link, in case you get lost.

1 Grammar

2 Textbuilder


The phrase bank section comes with sound, which will help you improve pronunciation and your listening skills. the Textbuilder will improve your reading skills. You can copy the texts in your notebook. The grammar section  can be done on line.

Homework: start with the grammar, and cover a unit every week. The next week go over the grammar to check whether you remember.

If you try any of the sections and/or exercises of this site, I would appreciate your feedback. Post your comments to the blog.



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